Chakra clearing is an important part of any energy healing practice. Learn how to clear your chakras in this post. It features tips on why you need to clear your chakras and chakra cleansing advice #energywork #energyhealing #chakra #aflourishingsoul

How to Clear Your Chakras

The chakra system is one of the most popular energy systems talked about in spiritual circles, for good reason. Knowing how to clear your chakras is an important part of keeping your energy healthy and balanced.  In this post I’ll share the importance of clearing your chakras and provide you with a simple yet effective …

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Have you ever wondered what a high vibration diet is? This post shares what it means to eat a high vibe diet #aflourishingsoul #highvibration #spirituality
Body Spirit

What is a High Vibration Diet?

If you’ve been lurking in the online spirituality space, you’ve probably heard of a “high vibration diet” before. You probably thought to yourself, “great, another diet that I’m supposed to follow!” And honestly, I can’t say I blame you. There are so many diets out there: Keto Raw vegan Whole 30 It’s hard to keep …

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How to Stay Positive in Any Situation

The last year has been full of incredibly highs and impossible lows. I left a toxic work environment that had tanked my self esteem and left me feeling hopeless. My mental health hasn’t been in the greatest place and I’ve been struggling to keep focused on my goals. I’ve been uninspired and apathetic. Most days, …

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Minimalism and spirituality are closely related. Read this post to learn how clutter impacts your spiritual health #aflourishingsoul #minimalism #spirituality
Planet Spirit

The Relationship Between Minimalism and Spirituality

In today’s consumerism-driven society, clutter seems to be an inevitable part of life: shelves are overrun with trinkets, papers pile up, and excess clothes are bursting from our closets. It’s safe to say that this can be overwhelming! Not only is clutter overwhelming, it also has a negative impact on our spiritual health. Below I’ve …

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Considering going zero waste? Then you need to conduct a trash audit! Read this post to learn how to do a waste audit and find out why you need to do one! #zerowaste #sustainability #sustainableliving #aflourishingsoul

How to Conduct a Trash Audit

In honor of #FuturisticFebruary, a movement started by Carly Bergman, I decided to save my trash for an entire month. That’s right. I decided to save every piece of trash I produced for one month. It was a really eye-opening experience and something I’m glad to have done. In today’s post, I’m going to cover …

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