Job Interview Tarot Spread

Searching for a new job can be a stressful experience. From prepping application materials and applying to landing an interview, it can feel overwhelming.

And then once all of the stress of applying and getting an interview is over, you have to actually go in and be interviewed for the job!

As someone who is currently searching for a job, the interview is definitely my least favorite part.

Even when I know I’m qualified and would be a great asset for the company, I still get nervous.

Because of this I decided to create a job interview tarot spread to help me prepare for interviews! I find it super helpful to do the reading a day or two before so I have time to reflect on the cards and really take in the message they’re sending.

Hopefully you’re able to find some value in this job interview tarot spread as well!

Are you looking for career change or job interview advice? Check out this blog post for a job interview tarot spread! This tarot spread will tell you how to prepare for a job interview and give you job interview advice for how to be successful #tarotspread #tarot #jobinterview | A Flourishing Soul

Job Interview Tarot Spread

This tarot spread is comprised of five cards, but you can adjust the number of cards pulled for each prompt as you see fit. However, I wouldn’t advise pulling more than two or three for each category, otherwise the spread could get pretty confusing!

I’ve also included an example tarot spread to show how you can interpret this spread

I’m using the Ostara Tarot deck in my example, which is based off of the Rider Waite tarot system.

While I’m interpreting the cards I pulled based on this system, it is always important to use your intuition and contextual information when reading tarot.

Finally, remember that tarot cards do not predict the future! They are simply offering advice for how you can best succeed in a particular scenario. Just because you follow a card’s advice does not mean that the outcome you are expecting will definitely happen.

There are so many potential paths that the future may take that predicting it is downright impossible!

Are you looking for career change or job interview advice? Check out this blog post for a job interview tarot spread! This tarot spread will tell you how to prepare for a job interview and give you job interview advice for how to be successful #tarotspread #tarot #jobinterview | A Flourishing Soul

Position One – Strengths

This card represents the strengths you have coming into the job interview. These strengths could be personality traits, previous experiences, or skills that you bring to the table for this particular position.

Because these are your strengths, it is important to cater to these characteristics and highlight them in your interview. Consider how the meaning of this card can be related to the job position.

Position One Example – Four of Wands

The four of wands in this position of the job interview tarot spread suggests that you know you are deserving of the position you’re interviewing for. You have a strong support system in place who are able to support you through the transition of finding a new job and you feel confident in your ability to perform well.

Take these feelings of security and let them shine in your interview. You are more than capable of performing well in the position. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and it shows.

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Position Two – Weaknesses

The opposite of position one, this card is meant to represent a weakness you have in relation to the position.

Just because this quality is considered a weakness doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! Rather than making you nervous, this card is meant to bring awareness to areas that might need your attention.

Remember, nobody is a perfect fit for any position. Instead, you need to focus on how to redirect this particular quality to enhance other skills you have to offer.

Position Two Example – Ten of Cups

The ten of cups is telling you to listen to your intuition when it comes to this position. Take a step back and ask yourself if this position is truly right for where you are in your life.

You are an intuitive being and your higher self knows what is best for you. You simply need to listen to what it is trying to tell you.

While this does not seem like a weakness immediately, this card is a perfect example of how you can interpret a specific position in a spread based on the card pulled.

In this particular instance, position two is not relaying a specific weakness you have. Rather, it is suggesting that the job you are interviewing for might be a weak fit for you and that you should reflect on your reasons for applying to the job.

The ten of cups is asking you to evaluate whether you are trying to get this particular job to please someone else or to satisfy your own desires.

Positions Three and Four – Advice for the interview

Cards three and four are meant to be specific pieces of advice for how to approach the interview.

They could offer you specific qualities you should play up, ways you should carry yourself, or specific mentalities you should adopt prior to the interview.

Remember, these pieces of advice aren’t guaranteed to get you the job. Instead, they are meant to offer you tips to help weigh the odds in your favor.

Position Three Example – Six of Coins

The six of coins appearing the in the job interview tarot spread suggests that finances are a significant reason behind your search for a job. Because it is showing up as an advice card, you should focus on the monetary aspects of the interview. Be open and honest about the compensation you feel you deserve.

Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of. You are worth the pay you believe you deserve and the interviewers will see that.

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Position Four Example – Six of Swords

The six of swords symbolizes the start of a journey — which is a great card to have show up in a job interview tarot spread!

This card is encouraging you to be excited about the opportunity for growth and change. Go into the interview knowing that you are taking steps in the right direction to make a positive change in your life.

Additionally, you should also be aware of any mental or emotional blocks that might be holding you back prior to going into the interview. This relates back to the ten of cups pulled earlier.

Not only should you listen to your intuition about what you are feeling prior to the interview, you should also examine why you are feeling this way and how that might impact your performance in the interview. Taking time to overcome these barriers will help you to succeed in the interview.

Position Five – Overall takeaway/outlook

The fifth and final card is meant to give you an overall idea of how the job interview will go.

Don’t fret if the card is negative. Just because you get a card that gives you a bad outlook doesn’t mean the interview will tank.

Instead, it might mean that the position isn’t the right fit for you or you will need to proceed carefully to encourage things to go your way!

Position Five Example – Death

I was so excited when I saw I pulled death for this position! People tend to freak out when they see death, but it’s actually an awesome card to pull for the outlook of the job interview.

Death symbolizes a new beginning in your life. In this specific instance, it is suggesting that the job interview will be the start of a new adventure.

If that’s not a positive prediction for the interview, I don’t know what is!

This job interview tarot spread has definitely helped me to prepare for job interviews, but remember that it’s just offering you guidance. You already have everything you need inside of you to succeed, the cards are just giving you advice for how to get there.

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Are you looking for career change or job interview advice? Check out this blog post for a job interview tarot spread! This tarot spread will tell you how to prepare for a job interview and give you job interview advice for how to be successful #tarotspread #tarot #jobinterview | A Flourishing Soul


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