Looking to start an essential oil collection? Check out this post on five must have essential oils for beginners! #essentialoils #naturalliving #nontoxic
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Five Must Have Essential Oils for Beginners

The world of essential oils is overwhelming and confusing.

There’s hundreds of options to pick from and each one has countless uses. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the sheer amount of options out there and not have a clue where to start, which is a shame because they are such a wonderful tool to have for the home and body. I’ve been using essential oils in my day-to-day life for a few years now and have amassed a good sized collection, but if I had to get rid of everything and could keep only five, these would be it.

Whether you’re a beginner trying to start your collection or a seasoned essential oil enthusiast, these are five oils everyone should have in their arsenal.

Looking to start an essential oil collection? Check out this post on five must have essential oils for beginners! #essentialoils #naturalliving #nontoxic


If I could only use one oil on this list for the rest of my life, peppermint would be it!

As a chronic migraine sufferer, I use this oil everyday for relieving stress and headaches. It works wonderfully as a rollerball for targeted application. Whenever I feel a migraine coming on, I apply peppermint to my temples, behind my ears, and on the back of my neck and notice a large amount of relief from my symptoms.

Beyond headache treatment, peppermint is good for energizing and uplifting moods and smells great in a diffuser — I get compliments whenever someone comes into my office while diffusing peppermint. I also love mixing it with eucalyptus (another oil on this list) when I get a cold for relief from the symptoms.


Eucalyptus is a powerhouse in the essential oil world. It is perhaps most commonly associated with relief from cold and flu symptoms, and I personally love using it for this. I apply it diluted to my chest and neck when I have a sore throat, a cough, or congestion, as well as diffusing it or using it for shower aromatherapy. It also has disinfectant properties, which makes it a great option for homemade non-toxic household cleaners. One of my favorite ways to use it, however, is on wool dryer balls. It helps give your laundry a fresh scent without any of the toxic chemicals that come along with dryer sheets!

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Everyone is familiar with the vibrant, citrus fragrance of lemon. This is another oil with disinfecting properties and works great in a variety of household cleaners. The fresh scent also makes it a great option for diffusing in the kitchen or common areas of your home.

I frequently put a drop or two into the bottom of a new garbage bag to help combat odors and have it diffusing in the kitchen for an uplifting scent. As a bonus, the antimicrobial properties help to combat sickness without having the “medicinal” smell that eucalyptus can sometimes be associated with.


If you are stressed out and in need of rest and relaxation, chamomile is the oil for you. This oil has a very soothing and relaxing fragrance, which makes it perfect for nighttime. Diffusing some chamomile in your room at night can help ease you to sleep, while a small amount applied directly to the skin via a rollerball can enhance the effects even more. Adding a few drops to a bath after a long day (or week!) to unwind is another great way to utilize the benefits of this oil.

While it isn’t the most versatile on this list, its relaxing properties make it a must-have in all oil kits.


Rosemary isn’t an oil that I see included on these lists very often, but it’s one I can’t live without! This oil is great for concentration and memory, so I frequently diffuse it at work or home when I need to focus and accomplish things. It also makes a great massage oil for aching muscles when diluted with a carrier oil.

In a spiritual sense, rosemary is a strong cleansing herb and is a great option for removing stagnant and negative energies from the home. It’s the primary oil in a cleansing room spray I use daily to uplift the energies in my home and makes it smell great. 

These five oils are a great starting point for any essential oils collection. What oils are on your must-have list? Let me know in the comments!

Looking to start an essential oil collection? Check out this post on five must have essential oils for beginners! #essentialoils #naturalliving #nontoxic

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