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The Best Crystals for Intuition

When you’re new to flexing your intuitive muscle it can be difficult to tap into your abilities. Things can feel muddy, blocked, and unclear, which is totally normal!

There are lots of things that you can do to help overcome this feeling, but today I want to share eight crystals for intuition. These crystals will help you tap into your intuitive powers and strengthen your third eye.

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Clear Calcite

Clear calcite, which is also known as optical calcite or Iceland spar, is a great crystal for developing the six “clairs”– clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustation, and clairolfaction. It helps to increase your vibration to a level where these skills can be developed.

Beyond strengthening these skills, it is also good for gaining understanding into situations and finding clarity behind why you feel the way you do.


Howlite works to calm mental chatter and helps you to focus on your thoughts. Similar to clear calcite, it brings clarity to emotional situations and helps you to see these from new perspectives.

It’s close association with the moon allows users to tap into the soft, intuitive power of the moon cycles to aid in psychic development.

Lapis Lazuli

Strongly associated with the third eye chakra, lapis lazuli is one of the best crystals for intuition. Meditating with a piece resting on your third eye will help to release any energetic blockages in the chakra.

Use lapis lazuli’s energy to help connect both with your inner power and the knowledge stored in the universe. Sitting with this crystal and allowing it’s power to wash over you will make you more receptive to the messages the universe has for you.

It is also a great stone for strengthening your ability to be a psychic medium.


With it’s blue and green flashes, labradorite is a beautiful crystal to have in your collection. It encourages you to listen to and trust your inner voice, which is a huge part of developing your intuition.

Meditating with this crystal can help you gain clarity on your beliefs and understanding of the universe. Use it to help find answers to spiritual questions you have.

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Another crystal associated with the “clairs”, moonstone is a powerhouse for developing intuitive gifts. It aids in your ability to trust your intuition, which is often one of the most difficult aspects of starting your intuitive journey. By helping you to believe in your abilities, it makes you more receptive to intuitive messages and experiences.

Moonstone is especially helpful for dream work, and sleeping with a piece under your pillow can help you both remember and make sense of your dreams.


Often considered THE crystal for intuition, amethyst is incredibly powerful for developing these abilities. It raises your vibration and puts you into a receptive state, enabling you to interpret intuitive messages much more easily.

It also clears away any false or misleading energies, leaving only the truth behind. This means that message you receive while using amethyst are (typically) very reliable.

If you could only pick one of these crystals for intuition, amethyst is the one I would recommend!


As it’s name suggests, azurite-malachite is a crystal that forms when azurite and malachite occur together.

On it’s own, azurite is an excellent crystal for channeling messages from your spirit guides and higher self. It’s association with the third eye chakra aids azurite’s ability to help you connect with your higher self. By calming the mind and opening you up to your own consciousness, azurite is perfect for developing intuition.

On the other hand, malachite is the perfect stone for healing and recognizing repetitive patterns in your life. When you become aware of the patterns taking place around you, you are able to make sense of signs the universe is trying to send you.

When combined, these two stones represent the coexistence of the spiritual self with the physical body. Together, they can be used to connect your physical self with an understanding of the universe and all that it contains.

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Kyanite encourages you to be receptive to intuitive messages. It is a stone that is closely related to the crown and third eye chakras, meaning it is useful for honing your ability to connect to you higher consciousness.

It is a very calming crystal and can be used to bring overall harmony to a person by balancing their energy. In doing so, it makes them open to intuitive messages.

These are just a few of the crystals for intuition that are out there. As you continue on your journey, you’ll find crystals that resonate with you for this purpose.

Do you use any of these in your practice? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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