Choosing a crystal can seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Check out this post on how to choose a crystal that resonates with your energy! #crystal #crystalhealing #spiritualhealing

Three Tips for Choosing a Crystal that Resonates with your Energy

Shopping for crystals can be overwhelming. With the number of options that most metaphysical and rock enthusiast shops have available, it’s no wonder that choosing a crystal can be difficult! However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Keeping in mind these simple tips will help you to choose the best stone every time.


Choosing a crystal can seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Check out this post on how to choose a crystal that resonates with your energy! #crystal #crystalhealing #spiritualhealing

Be open minded

Sometimes it can be tempting to plan out everything you want to pick up in advance. While this is helpful, it also blocks you from discovering any crystals that are calling out to you that day.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about going into a shop on the lookout for the perfect piece of labradorite or a stunning quartz cluster, but if you’re too focused on finding what you came for you might miss out on some amazing pieces that resonate with your energy.

I always like to peruse the shelves to see what calls out to me on that particular day. Crystals have a funny way of making themselves known to you when you need them most!

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Listen to your intuition

As you’re looking through what the shop has to offer, chances are you will feel drawn to something. When you find yourself drawn to a particular type of crystal, take a moment to look at all of the different stones available. I find that I frequently end up leaving with the first crystal I pick up from the bin because I am automatically drawn to stones that I resonate with, but this isn’t always the case. Its important to take the time to find the best fit.

Pick up individual pieces and inspect them. Hold them in your hand and feel the energy they give off. Speaking of energy, check out my guide for attuning your new crystal to your energy here!

Each person is drawn to different things, but some things to consider include:

  1. Do you find the colors of the stone appealing?
  2. Is the shape or texture attractive to you?
  3. Do you feel as though the energy coming from the stone “vibes” with you or feels right?

If you’re stuck between several stones of the same variety, pondering these questions can help you to pick which one is best for you. However, don’t allow these questions to limit you. If you’re normally drawn to tumbled stones but a piece of rough calcite is calling out to you, that’s okay! Like I said before, different things will resonate with you on different days.


Learn to recognize signs

The universe often gives signs that something is meant to be. It’s up to us to acknowledge and listen to these messages, as they give us some pretty important information!

Once I was visiting a metaphysical shop and had a specific list of crystals that I wanted to purchase. While in the process of picking out these crystals, I found myself continuously drawn to a very specific piece of jade — a stone not on my list. I picked the same piece up and put it back at least a dozen times while I was there. No matter where I was in the store, I kept coming back to that specific stone. I ended up purchasing the jade, and to this day it is one of the stones I resonate most strongly with. If you can’t stop thinking about one specific crystal or you find yourself being drawn to it over and over again, it might be a sign that it is meant to come home with you.

This particular sentiment can ring true for online shops as well. Shopping for crystals online doesn’t give you the same experience as in-person does, because you cannot experience the energy of the crystals before purchasing them. However, I’ve had great luck purchasing stones online using this method. If you find yourself continuously thinking about a specific crystal you find available in an online shop, chances are you’ll have a strong connection with it once it arrives.

These three simple tips can take the stress out of crystal shopping. Once you find the perfect crystal, don’t forget to check out my guide on how to cleanse crystals to get the most out of your new addition!

What tricks do you use when crystal shopping? Let me know in the comments!


Choosing a crystal can seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Check out this post on how to choose a crystal that resonates with your energy! #crystal #crystalhealing #spiritualhealing

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  1. I really liked this article! I’ve been wandering in my spiritual journey for a few years; crystals always seemed interesting but I never really understood how to pick the right ones. It’s all so overwhelming. I’ll keep those questions in mind the next time I’m around them.

    1. Picking crystals can definitely feel overwhelming — I’m glad the post was able to help you!

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