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How to Stay Positive in Any Situation

The last year has been full of incredibly highs and impossible lows. I left a toxic work environment that had tanked my self esteem and left me feeling hopeless. My mental health hasn’t been in the greatest place and I’ve been struggling to keep focused on my goals. I’ve been uninspired and apathetic. Most days, …

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Practicing self love can be difficult. Check out this post, which gives you step-by-step instructions for a self love bath ritual to help boost your confidence and start loving yourself unconditionally #selflove #selfconfidence #bathritual #bathmagic
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Self Love Bath Ritual

On its own, self love as a practice can be difficult. Add societal pressures and expectations into the mix and it can feel downright impossible! We live in a culture where comparing yourself to others is the norm. We spend hours on social media every day, where we (sometimes obsessively) follow celebrities, influencers, and normal …

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