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Are you feeling stuck in your everyday life? Looking to expand your understanding of yourself and the universe? Hoping to grow as an individual? Then you’re in the right place!

Rachel at A Flourishing Soul

My Name is Rachel and I’m the face behind A Flourishing Soul, a website dedicated to helping those hoping to enhance their spiritual well being.

I want to help you unlock your full potential and realize everything that your life has to offer!

I cover a wide array of topics related to spiritual and metaphysical wellness, such as crystals, natural living, and energy work. Here are just a few articles to give you a taste of what A Flourishing Soul has to offer:

My Story

In May 2018 I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Communication, as well as a crushing amount of debt, poor mental health, and a general sense of being lost.

I felt stuck and hopeless. Nothing seemed to appeal to me. I genuinely had no idea what my purpose was in life or where I was going.

Until one day my mom suggested I look into crystal healing. She was interested in learning more about it, but didn’t have the time or energy to research it herself.

I was immediately hooked.

Crystal healing led to learning about essential oils and energy work, which turned into a total spiritual overhaul. I finally felt as though I had found a purpose.

I’m happier and feel as though my life has more meaning.

My goal is to help someone else experience the same thing. Whether you’re just testing the waters when it comes to spiritual wellness or an experienced veteran in the field, I hope that you can find some value here at A Flourishing Soul.

If you’re just starting out,  you can get a free five step guide to beginning your spiritual journey here:

If you made it this far, thank you for sticking around! If you have any questions or would just like to chat, feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!


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